Workshop 1

On Demand Video Parent Workshop- Social Media & Digital Wellbeing: Keeping Our Kids Safe & Kind On Their Devices

Convenient on-demand workshop- receive a login and return anytime to review or access resources.

Do you know how your kid uses their device? From social media to online gaming and everything else our teens have at their fingertips, knowing what they're exposed to might surprise you. There are 75,000 predators online using social media communities to get to our kids. Teens are on their phones on average of 9 hrs per day and the suicide rate is up 60% since the beginning of smartphones. In this 1hr workshop, we will walk step by step through how to set up privacy setting and safety nets, break down the favorite apps and talk how to educate our kids to keep them emotionally healthy & safe from trolls, cyberbullying, FOMO, and cyber stranger danger.


Part 1: Favorites & what to watch for 
Part 2: Setting up privacy settings & safety tools 
Part 3: Educating our teens to be safe & kind on their devices 

60 min


  1. Extensive list of Apps & what you need to know
  2. Social media & cyber safety health checklist
  3. Parent-child smartphone contract
  4. Springboard discussion questions

Bonus Materials

Now What & Action Steps
Included with each section

How-to set up videos (tools, privacy, and safety nets)

Workshop 2

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