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Social Media & Cyber Safety

Emotional Health

Video game disorder now classified as a mental health condition | Resources and Tips

Social Media & Cyber Safety

A Teacher’s Insight Into the “Digital Teen” | What My Parents/teachers Don’t Know About Social Media is…”

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Extensive List of the Apps our Teenagers are on and What Parents Need to Know

Do you know what apps your kids are on and what they are doing on them? Here's a list of all the favorites and what parents need to know to keep their teens and kids safe on their smartphones. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

How to Protect Your Kids from Cyber Stranger Danger

Do you know who is your teen talking to on their devices? Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Where Hashtags Lead | How to Protect Your Teen

The hashtag #Depressed has 10+ million posts and growing on Instagram. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Did you hear? Instagram is doing something about all of the anxiety and depression it is bringing to teens.

I was thrilled to learn that Instagram is taking the lead to develop a “wellbeing team.” It feels like some of the weight is lifted hearing that one of the causes is going to be a part of the solution. Anxiety depression and suicide have skyrocketed due to online pressures and negative communities, Instagram is making efforts to change that. Read More


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