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Social Media & Cyber Safety article | How Pressure to Get Likes and Followers Is Hurting Them


Tech Smart Parenting Podcast

Social Media & Cyber Safety

The Modern Motherhood Podcast, we talk digital education for our kids | 105.3 & All Mom Does

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Legislation for the Digital Safety of our Kids | Parents Take Action, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA)

The CCPA will make California the first state to give consumers online control over their personal information so that they can better protect their privacy, with special protections for kids under 16. Read More

School Life & Friendships

Chris Pratt’s on Point Advice for the Next Generation | MTV’s Generation Award Recipient Speech

Emotional Health

Video game disorder now classified as a mental health condition | Resources and Tips

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Resource Alert, Social Media Monitoring Tools for Parents

Have you thought there's no way I would ever invade my child's privacy on their phone THEN it happened to you, they were contacted by a cyber stranger and your intuition was screaming at you to take a deeper look into the digital world they are living? There are 75,000 online predators using social media and online gaming communities to get to our kids. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

A Teacher’s Insight Into the “Digital Teen” | What My Parents/teachers Don’t Know About Social Media is…”

Emotional Health

Resource Alert: Youth Addiction, Substance Abuse and Suicide Information

School Life & Friendships Article | The Pros and Cons of Tracking Your Child on Prom Night

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Extensive List of the Apps our Teenagers are on and What Parents Need to Know

Do you know what apps your kids are on and what they are doing on them? Here's a list of all the favorites and what parents need to know to keep their teens and kids safe on their smartphones. Read More

School Life & Friendships

How to Have Healthy Dating Relationships in Today’s Hookup Culture

Casual hookups can mean anything from making out to having sex – and everything in between. Read More


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