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School Life & Friendships

How to Have Healthy Dating Relationships in Today’s Hookup Culture

Casual hookups can mean anything from making out to having sex – and everything in between. Read More

Emotional Health

10 Ways To Be A Good Friend In Grief

Trying to help can backfire if you don’t know what to say or do. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

How to Protect Your Kids from Cyber Stranger Danger

Do you know who is your teen talking to on their devices? Read More

Family Life

Is Your Teen Running on Empty?

They may not admit it, but they need your love to stay regulated. Read More

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A Work in Progress

I'm Not Crazy, Just Grieving.

“You never know when your life will change forever. It is a strange thing that you can wake up, take a shower, pray a little just like any other day, and have no idea that this particular day will forever be marked with sorrow. I was just 23 when I lost my mom. Trust me when I tell you that there is no cookie cutter way to walk through grief."

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Current Workshops

Social Media & Cyber Safety – The Basics: Keeping Our Kids Safe & Kind On Their Devices

Do you know how your kid uses their device? From social media to online gaming and everything else our teens have at their fingertips, knowing what they're exposed to might surprise you.

Video — 58 min
Worksheets — 3 Worksheets
Bonus Material — Action Steps

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Emotional Health

Disastrous Expectations: Adding Insult to Injury in the Grieving Process

After the sudden loss of my mom, expectations became my nightmare. Read More

Family Life

Pretty in Pink – My Mom’s Walk Through Breast Cancer

Teen Post by Alyssa Murphy Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Where Hashtags Lead | How to Protect Your Teen

The hashtag #Depressed has 10+ million posts and growing on Instagram. Read More

Family Life

Introducing Let’s Talk Teens ™

Let's Talk Teens™ is a place parents and teens can go to find resources and tools that speak to their circumstances– a place where they can openly share and find a community looking to help teens cope and communicate. Read More

“As youth workers and parents of teens, we can feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing modern world. We can work together to raise authentic, emotionally healthy teens in the online environment they are living in."

Kacee Head Shot

Kacee Bree Jensen

Kacee is a youth advocate, speaker, coach, consultant, mom of four (including a teen), and former competitive athlete who has spent the last 16 years helping families, schools, and communities across the country navigate the ups and downs of the teen years.

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